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Name Chat Timestamp
26fb001 Correction 3470 :) 26/01/2021 19:57:03
26fb001 Q RX and calling 33470 :) 26/01/2021 19:56:41
26fb001 QRZ QRZ cq cq 86m :0 26/01/2021 19:53:08
26fb001 1AT101 low on the band 26/01/2021 16:39:25
26fb040 the guy has a fair few videos which are all very interesting 25/01/2021 07:17:18
26fb040 thought you would enjoy Dave, 25/01/2021 07:15:54
26fb001 North Korea may acknowledge you email:) 24/01/2021 21:17:43
26fb001 Vatican, VO Asia will send you cards for eacy report on each frequency 24/01/2021 21:17:18
26fb001 There are 100's of them, and a lot of them will send you QSL cards (Physical) and certainly EQSL 24/01/2021 21:16:11
26fb001 Listen out for the propaganda stations, no not the BBC lol, but VO China for instance 24/01/2021 21:15:13
26fb001 I used to love finding Firedrake, not heard it for ages, mostly on 13900mhz 24/01/2021 21:07:20
26fb001 Apart from agreed safety stuff, even these are disputed, most radio is just wilderness 24/01/2021 21:06:29
26fb001 Most of HF is just white noise, different regimes countenance their own allocation 24/01/2021 21:05:25
26fb001 There are some amazing transmissions over HF, got to be lucky with some! 24/01/2021 21:04:09
26fb001 Extremely interesting stuff Trevor, particularly when you can sill hear them today! 24/01/2021 21:03:15