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26fb855 Yes. Low voices above S7 Qrm coming thro. Been good on 40/80 to nite. 73's Mike. 18/05/2019 21:12:57
26FB040 11m has been wide open to South America today-at last! 18/05/2019 21:01:54
1cr017 Hello, I have a question: this cluster have a telnet access? Thanks. (sorry for my bad english) 16/05/2019 12:56:33
26fb855 Hi.Guys EU opening this morn. 73's Mike 15/05/2019 10:13:27
26fb855 Hi. Trev Yes quite till 1800 now HB9 Zurich on .185 + others. 73's Mike. 14/05/2019 20:13:08
26FB040 EU open again today 14/05/2019 17:45:51
26FB040 at a guess the mail might be full 14/05/2019 17:07:19
1FB666 Dave 26FB001... the email box doesn't work 13/05/2019 11:26:06
1FB666 Hi friends! I'm trying to send emails to Dave but the emails come back to me with an error 13/05/2019 11:25:22
26FB040 11m open to EU 12/05/2019 13:44:57
26fb855 Hi all. RC live this w/e on 648/1368 & online Enjoy Pirates. 73's Mike 09/05/2019 21:32:42
26fb855 Hi.Trev. Had a lift on 40/45/80/85 2nite Geoff on Hoy +10 Hb9/IW3 etc. Sunspot c Paul's post Mike. 09/05/2019 21:29:42
26fb855 Hi. Trev. Had a lift on 40)45 09/05/2019 21:25:52
26FB040 no worries mike, conditions were poor, it was just a test run for later in the year 09/05/2019 20:30:11
26fb855 Hi. Trev. I did listen 4 u on Sun on .520 just low voices. The new SW net difficult got into Austell 08/05/2019 21:37:51