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26fb001 Hi all, 73s, still really windy, just keeping the aerials safely down right now 16/02/2020 20:49:17
163FB777 Few calls on 45 but zzzzzzzz, rain and wind all weekend :( 15/02/2020 18:08:03
26FB040 All stormy for yet another weekend :( 15/02/2020 14:32:00
163FB777 evening all, just had a quick listen but HF quiet atm, try later 14/02/2020 20:34:54
26CT1949 I should have given my 26CT1949 below 14/02/2020 20:17:53
dAVE why is this not in use 16m 18010 as you can hear the Hams up on there band over the pond 12/02/2020 20:42:51
14FB019 73 Dave I hope you are fine with the strong winds ! I could make several 26 stations tonight :) 11/02/2020 19:10:04
14FB019 lots of 26 division stations on 11m right now ! 11/02/2020 17:34:40
26FB959 Activity on 27.555. 11/02/2020 12:14:23
26FB959 Well nothing heard so that's it for now.. 11/02/2020 12:03:21
26FB959 SENDING SSTV IF ANY ONE CAN PICK UP S. YORKS 11:30 GMT TILL 12:00 11/02/2020 11:32:40
26FB040 staying windy all week, my beam fairing well at the moment 11/02/2020 06:52:54
26fb001 It did die down, but now blowing up again, 45mph right now 09/02/2020 18:03:26
26fb001 Can't do anything right now, just have to keep fingers crossed 09/02/2020 17:49:48
26fb001 Something is broken, its now spinning at will, the rotator has not budged, key in the mast I think 09/02/2020 17:48:41