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26fb855 Hi.Guys. I'll be uponthill nr. J18 M4 from 1200ish till.1600 on T5/45 2moro. 73"s Mike. 25/03/2019 17:57:47
26fb855 Hi.Ian Busy 2day. Could be up Bristol 2moro. On T5/45 from 1200/1600ish 73's Mike 25/03/2019 09:54:14
14FB072 Hi Mike, I had a couple of good ones on T5, Germany etc but no UK. No 45 either 73s Ian 25/03/2019 08:13:44
29FB450 Great QSO today Mike prop was good to us for an hour 73s till next time 29FB450 24/03/2019 21:11:59
26fb855 Hi.Ian Pity no prop ur way. Had a Qso with P Cork Eire 1hr.! 73's Mike. 24/03/2019 17:03:31
26fb855 Hi.Peter Thxs 4 Qso this afro 4 1 hr till the prop dropped off! U were 5/4-5 if allowed. 73's Mike. 24/03/2019 16:54:50
14FB072 Ok Mike I will listen all round. T5 beginning to stir here 73s Ian 24/03/2019 11:01:45
26fb855 If I go I'll be on 45 from 12noon or DR net on .365 then Sid's from 1400 FM34 Mike. 24/03/2019 08:47:48
26fb855 Hi.Ian No problem U have to look after Station Manager! Maybe going to Bristol won't know till 10am. 24/03/2019 08:44:21
14FB072 so I don't interfere with 6670. I hear lots on 40 so maybe ok. 73s Ian 24/03/2019 08:15:58
14FB072 Hi Mike/Peter No chance yesterday, xyl's birthday. Will listen out today on 45 maybe call cw on 6680 24/03/2019 08:14:30
29FB450 Hope to setup static mobile today, will be monitoring 6.670 from 1.00pm onwards 29FB450 24/03/2019 06:58:40
26fb855 Hi. Ian 14/072 if ur on website. Many 14s around Dijon on 6.650 @ 5/6. Mike M 23/03/2019 15:01:02
29FB450 Ok Mike i will be here in the shack, conditions may change :) 29FB450 23/03/2019 14:29:32
26fb855 Hi. Peter I heard u 2. I'll call CQ @ 1430/1500/1530/1600 Qsl. 73's Mike 23/03/2019 14:27:36