About Us


Foxtrot Bravo is a fully international freeband DX group, primarily active on the 11 meter band you can join free by visiting the membership request page


By joining Freebanding will supply you with a call sign you can use for all your DXing. It will be prefixed by your country number (Internationally recognised), followed by initials FB or Foxtrot Bravo, followed by your member ship number (You can choose this providing no other member already has the number)


We will offer you a QSL email address with either (Your FB call sign) or for international members (Your FB call sign) You can use this email address to send and receive your Freebanding QSL cards or forward them to your own email address. We also have a Po Box address for UK members which is free to use, for all postal QSL cards.


I started this group in August 2007 for the new interest in 11m band DXing, there is a renewed interest in CB Radio and DXing is the next stage. Please bare in mind it is not legal to transmit over some frequencies within the 11m and not legal to use side band (SSB). However there are many thousand of people who do not want the restrictions of Ham (Amateur) radio and chose to enjoy the world of radio transmission by what has become known as freebanding.


At Foxtrot Bravo we have tried to provide every DX tool we can to help you make contacts, predictions, activity knowledge etc. As an FB member please feel free to use these DX tools to aid your radio hobby and expand your contact log and network of radio friends. Its all free to use and completely open at the moment, also there are few rules we just ask for curtious operators.


Free Generic QSL cards
EQSL email address (
FB Cluster pages
FB online chat facility
Links to propagation software
Link to propagation forecasting
Forums for Q&A etc.
On air networking
Personal QSL card design and supply (at cost)
Po Box number, free for FB members
Up to date website with information, news and current activities
FB also has many experienced operators who can help you with technical questions and we are all a friendly bunch.



The site will grow as will the Freebanding DX membership, but if you have any questions or need any advice to get started, then email me and Iíll do my best to answer them.



For those that would like to help out with the costs, there is no obligation