Foxtrot Bravo Membership Request

Foxtrot Bravo is primarily an 11 metre band international DX group. The Foxtrot Bravo group has members all over the world and you are very welcome to join us. Foxtrot Bravo also caters for all of the Freeband frequencies, including Echo Charlie. We hope to promote good, polite, courteous and professional radio operation.

Foxtrot Bravo welcomes both experienced and new operators alike and there is plenty of experience on tap for those learning the ropes.

As a Foxtrot Bravo member you will be able to use the free email facilities, (your call sign), the QSL Manager and Po Box number is free to use. Making it easier for your contacts to send confirmation and QSL cards to you.

There is an online forum, cluster page and chat facility for all radio operators to use for spotting and discussing the 11 metre band conditions.

Foxtrot Bravo welcomes all activities on the 11 metre band, from time to time FB will hold competitions and various activities.

If you're an 11m operator, and/or freebander, and would like to become a member, then please email with you rough location and preferred callsign

We recently has a massive spam attack and received thousands of emails, it has been impossible to determine the good ones from the spam. If you applied for membership in March, April or May 2017 and haven't received a reply. Then your email is lost. Sorry for this, please feel free to re-apply.


 Please email for membership requests. 

Please include your name, rough QTH and preferred callsign. Check the directory for un-allocated calls.

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For those that would like to help out with the costs, there is no obligation